About Us



He is a cool cat that lives for adventure. Hailing from a potato farming family in Idaho, he slowly made his way to the tech mecca — San Francisco, where he advocates¬†for green energy. ¬† He loves documenting his journeys and is always seeking new experiences. ¬†He is social both on and offline, feel free to follow him on Instagram¬†or FaceBook.


She has an engineering background and¬†is a numbers girl, through and through. Despite her Midwestern roots, she couldn’t take the cold and moved west to SF where the sun greets her every morning. ¬†She loves tracking the journeys¬†through miles flown, dollars spent, and maps of places visited as well as¬†where to go next.


He’s a¬†rescued¬†Italian Greyhound and traveled on a lot of domestic adventures with us. Despite having no teeth, he loved food more than life itself but after that, he loved his humans. ¬†Traveling with pets is easy and fun, don’t leave your furry friend at home — they want to explore life, too (and be with you). He was lost to acute lymphoblastic leukemia in February 2017. We miss him dearly.



Our furless fur baby is a rescued Chinese Crested we adopted in May 2018. Despite having no hair (just a natural Mohawk), he loves to go for adventures in the great outdoors and explore all the sights and smells around him. Remy is often wearing spf sun shirts to protect his skin from sunburn, turtlenecks to protect his neck from bleeding from scratches, and in cold climates he has layers to protect from the elements. He travels with us on nearly all of our domestic and some select international adventures. When he isn’t traveling he is doing zoomies or sleeping, he is a zen master. We hope you bring your fur babies along, they learn and grow as much as we do with the more life they experience.